Beautytec sales and delivery conditions

These Sales and Delivery Conditions have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Breda

1. All our price statements are always exclusive of VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

2. All our prices and statements are always without obligation and subject to changes and errors.

3. Our Service and Warranty conditions apply to all our deliveries. We will be happy to provide you with a printout of these conditions on request. Our Service and Warranty Conditions are filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Breda

4. Deliveries of consumables from our wholesale range of € 100 excluding VAT or more are delivered carriage paid. For equipment, everything with a plug

5. For deliveries of less than € 100 excluding VAT, € 6.50 = excluding VAT will always be charged for freight / administration / environment, etc. (VAT on these additional costs is mandatory)

6. Our delivery times are always subject to availability. We deliver as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee delivery times. Stated delivery times should be regarded as target times.

7. The risk of damage or loss during transport or shipping etc. is always at the risk of the buyer. Goods travel at the risk of the buyer.

8. If your order cannot be shipped completely, we will mention the shortage delivery with the main shipment. If you would like automatic reshipment of the shortage delivery, you must notify us separately. Your subsequent shipment will then be sent by us immediately after receipt of the missing goods. Re-shipments of more than € 75.00 excl. VAT will be delivered free at home. For deliveries of less than € 75.00, € 5.00 excluding VAT for freight and administration will be charged.

9. For delivery on account, payment must always be made within 8 days

10. Your order will only be delivered if all previous invoices have been paid in full.

11. Delivered shipments remain our full property until the total invoice amount has been paid. This retention of title applies to all goods supplied by us.

12. We always reserve the unilateral right to make deliveries by cash on delivery or cash.
This happens as standard with:
* no decrease in the past 10 months * payment arrears * poor payment experiences
* large deliveries of more than € 500, * delivery of all electrical equipment, everything with
a plug

13. For COD shipments, we always reserve the unilateral right to charge € 5, = excluding VAT, COD surcharge. (VAT on these additional costs is mandatory)
This happens as standard with:
* equipment * furniture * repairs * cash on delivery shipments of less than € 200

14. "Delivery by our own service" means delivery by our own delivery service staff or an order, transport or courier service hired directly by us. Standard deliveries by our own service cost at least € 55 (see current service price list). We have the right to decide unilaterally and bindingly that a specific delivery is only by our Own
Service can be delivered. This happens as standard with (larger) furniture and certain equipment.

15. Standard deliveries by our Eigen-Dienst are delivered to the delivery address directly behind the first door on the ground floor. There should always be someone from the customer on our own Service standard deliveries to help the driver unload (especially heavy furniture). Special delivery beyond the first door on the ground floor, or special delivery with installation, or special delivery with 2 persons because the customer cannot help with the unloading of the shipment, is always calculated separately or offered as a "special delivery surcharge", and only takes place on express written request from the customer, and at an additional cost of at least € 75 per delivery.

16. When ordering equipment and furniture, a deposit of 10% of the VAT excl. (With a minimum of € 250) must always be paid with the order confirmation. Deposits are not credited under any circumstances in the event of cancellation or rejection of the delivery.

17. Complaints can be made orally or by telephone, but must be confirmed in writing within 3 days after the invoice date. Complaints after this period cannot be processed. In the absence of a complaint in accordance with the procedure described above, we are deemed to have delivered in accordance with our obligations. Upon acceptance of a valid complaint by us, we will provide free redelivery, repair, or credit less 15% of the net invoice value against return of the delivered goods. We are not obliged to any further obligation, in particular not to pay any form of damage compensation

Complaints procedure


Beautytec complaints procedure

Article 1: Definitions
a) Complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction with a treatment or treatment by Beautytec regarding damage to position, whereby the person concerned is or is directly damaged in his / her interest.
b) The complainant / complainant is anyone who wishes to use, make or have used the services of Beautytec center for training and education.
c) When we talk about complaints in this regulation, it is not about possible points for improvement and imperfections, but about behavior and decisions (or the absence thereof) that harm the interests of the participant.

Article 2: Objective
The complaints regulations regulate the way in which the management of Beautytec processes a complaint and also regulates the guarantees with which this procedure is provided.

Article 3: Complaints handling in practice
a) A complainant turns to course coordinator Henk van Hout (management of Beautytec) to try to find a solution in this way.
b) The management of Beautytecl undertakes, if the complainant so requests, to discuss a complaint against him with the complainant as soon as possible (but within four weeks) and to try to find a solution.

Article 4: Criteria for handling complaints
The Beautytecl management uses the following eligibility criteria for a complaint:
a) The complaint must have harmed the direct interest of the complainant.
b) The complaint must be submitted in writing to the management Beautytec Harmoniestraat 8, 4902pz, Oosterhout.
c) Incident and complaint must be submitted within two weeks after the incident, insofar as no statutory period is set. In all other cases, a complaint is considered inadmissible.

Article 5: The actual handling of the complaint
a) Within 2 weeks after receipt of the complaint, the management or the course coordinator within Beautytec will contact the complainant to report receipt and (in) admissibility of the complaint. The procedure for handling complaints in accordance with these regulations is also explained.
b) Beautytecl's management will investigate the facts to which the complaint relates. In doing so, the management of Beautytec gives the complainant the opportunity to provide written explanations of conduct that has been complained about.
c) For the purpose of the investigation, the management of Beautytec can obtain specific information and view relevant documents with the written permission of the complainant or its legal representative, with the exception of data relating to third parties.
d) If the complainant indicates that Beautytec does not resolve a complaint to full satisfaction and no agreement can be reached, an independent third party will be hired as a mediator (MfN - Certified).

Article 6: The handling of the complaint
a) Within 6 weeks of receipt of a complaint, the management of Beautytec informs the complainant in writing of its opinion, stating reasons.
b) If the management of Beautytec is unable to reach a weighted opinion (in accordance with these regulations) within the period set in paragraph a., it will inform the complainant and / or the person against whom the complaint has been made, giving reasons. . In doing so, he indicates the period within which he can reasonably reach an opinion.

Article 7: Termination of procedure
The complaints procedure has ended when:
a) The management of Beautytec has handled the complaint in accordance with the complainant.
b) The complainant has indicated in writing that he has decided not to continue handling complaints by withdrawing the complaint.
c) The complainant and the accused have not reached an agreement on how to handle the complaint.
d) All statements, complaints and solutions from Beautytec to the complainant are binding at all times.

Article 8: Final provision
In all cases not provided for in these regulations, the Beautytec management decides on the measures to be taken.

Training conditions

General Terms and Conditions for the Beautytec courses.

1. Validity of the conditions

1 These conditions apply to all offers and to all agreements in the context of the courses offered by Beautytec.

Training is understood here to mean:

. Course material

. Oral teaching days 3. Exam, provided it concerns a course in which you are automatically registered for the exam


2. Agreement

The agreement will only become binding upon receipt by Beautytec of a fully completed and signed registration form.

Beautytec is not obliged to investigate whether the registration form has been signed by an authorized person.

The printed matter and other educational resources, which are made available by Beautytec, have been composed as well as possible on the basis of research and practical experience. Beautytec does not, however, accept any liability for incorrect interpretation of the content or the instructions stated therein by the customer.


3. Prices

All agreements are concluded on the basis of the prices that apply on the start date of the training.


4. Training composition

Beautytec reserves the right to adapt the duration of the training and the composition of the training to insights that apply at that time.


5. Additional rules regarding class days

Registrations are handled in order of receipt. As soon as we have received a registration, we will send a confirmation of registration.

If Beautytec decides to cancel the training, the participant is invited to participate in a next or other training. The participant will not be charged for any price increase or change, provided the participant decides to participate in the next, similar training. If there are no alternatives, the already paid participant money will be refunded.

If Beautytec changes the planned start date - suspend or advance - the participant has the right to cancel the registration free of charge within one week after receipt of the message.


6. Cancellation

To avoid misunderstandings, Beautytec only accepts written cancellations. An oral cancellation is not valid.

The date on which Beautytec receives the written cancellation serves as the basis for applying the cancellation scheme.

The following conditions apply in case of cancellation:


• An online registration is subject to the law on distance selling. With an online registration you waive the 14-day reflection period. Training courses involve customization, which means that it is not always possible to cancel outright.

• If you cancel up to 7 days before the start of the training, EUR 50 cancellation and administration costs will be due.


A refund of part of the participants' money will only take place if an early termination of the training is the result of a serious illness or calamity. In that case, proof in the form of a medical certificate or otherwise must be submitted.


7. Liability

Beautytec is not liable for the costs, damage and interest that may arise as a direct or indirect result of:

• force of the majority;

• acts or omissions of the customer / employer, his subordinates; or other persons employed by or on behalf of him;

• any other external cause.

Beautytec is liable insofar as its insurance covers this, or up to the invoice value, for damage to aids, materials and workspaces, as well as to property of the customer / employer and / or third parties, insofar as this is caused by gross negligence on the part of Beautytecr or those who have been are charged with carrying out the training activity.

Beautytec ensures timely sending of the teaching materials, however, it is not liable for any delay due to circumstances beyond its control.

Beautytec will in principle not be obliged to compensate business and / or consequential damage suffered by the customer / employer.


8. Confidentiality

Both Beautytec and its teachers will at all times observe confidentiality regarding the students and information that will be discussed during the courses about the students and his / her company or business operations.


9. Complaints / complaints procedure


If there is a complaint, you can make it known in writing, by email or via the evaluation form after the course / training. You will then receive confirmation that the complaint has been received and is being processed.

You will receive a response within 2 weeks. Our aim is to handle the complaint to everyone's well-being within a maximum of 4 weeks. If this proves not to be feasible, you will in any case be notified within the period of 4 weeks, within which period the complaint will be handled.

Every complaint is treated confidentially.

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